Hello world!

Welcome to my little foodie world! I am Preeti, I live in Pune, and I love food!  I love to talk about food! I love exploring new restaurants, watching food shows, reading food related magazines.

The last few years have seen a sort of explosion in the Indian food industry- new restaurants with cuisines from all over the world are opening up. Food shows that showcase food made by not only chefs from all over the world, but also amateurs who want to try their hand at world cuisines are being made and telecast. Social Media has helped a lot of home business related to food open and flourish. Food magazines are exploding and finding renewed readership- its just a foodie world out there! and I am loving it!

The last few years of being on a baby break has had its pros and cons for me. While the constraints have been in terms of being unable to go restaurant hopping like I would have without a baby in tow, I have since discovered a side to me that I didnt know before- the baker in me. I love to bake- sweets, savories, breads- I just love ’em all! So do my well-wishers who I love subjecting to my crazy baking experiments.

This blog is an attempt to chronicle what I havent done so far- my baking experiments, my thoughts around food (and maybe other things) and restaurant/ food joint reviews whenever I can manage to go to any. Oh! I also have a little daughter and a husband ofcourse! and they are certain to find mentions on the blog!