Exciting News: Launch of Pret-a-Bakes- My home baking business

Hola there! Been a while since I came up with a post….

Its coz have been busy with some new things in my life. Have finally, after much deliberation and dilly-dallying decided to start my home baking business.

So, Folks in Pune:

Are you looking for a special cake inspired by your child’s favorite character on his/her birthday?

Need some yummy yet nutritious delights for your child’s snack box?

Just plain craving an exotic cheese cake for no reason at all?

Look no further. Launching

At Prêt-a-Bakes- We will choose and personalize our goodies to your tastes. Created from the freshest hand-picked ingredients with healthy options and no artificial preservatives, we cater to your child’s and your health concerns. You can also bedazzle your party-guests with the variety of lip-smacking and exotic bakes.

Eggless Bakes:  If you have despaired at the lack of variety in egg-free baked options, don’t worry! We have a special bakelicious Egg-Free menu to serenade your taste buds.

For the aspiring baker in you: Our classes begin from December 2012. Call us now to register. Choose from a variety of baking workshops- Eggless bakes, healthy bakes, breads, cookies and brownies, Chocoholics and more!

For orders and enquiries, please call us at +917276871422 or mail us at pretabakes@gmail.com

Follow us at http://www.facebook.com/PretABakes for Menu information, Week Specials, Baking class

Schedules and more.


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